Canon T-5 and Vivitar Bird Shots

I made the following video to show some of the long-distance shots I have been making with my Canon T-5 with the 300mm lens and the 2x extender. It doesn’t have the reach of my Lumix camera, but the pics can be enlarged with no problem. Can you identify the birds on or near the Snake River from the images?

I haven’t really tested my Vivitar 500/1000 X system. The lens / extender system mounts on my Canon. I took it out on the street in front of my house this morning and shot down the block 1/4 mile. The Tripod I bought for this is a bit too wobbly so I will put it on another tripod and take it down to the Snake. I think it is going to work out OK.

I went to a green house along the Snake this afternoon and grabbed my T-5. As I was driving down River Road I remembered that I had left the storage car in my computer. I saw an Osprey and though my camera might have an internal memory. I took some great shots. However they were not recorded! But I’ll go back tomorrow. Ospreys are creatures of habit and I’ll probably find him on his perch.


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