Lumix Idaho Bird Pics and Video Snaps 5-4-2016

Lumix Camera Pictures and Videos of Idaho Birds

I have a number of cameras but one of my favorites for snapping pictures at 60 X is Lumix. What I usually go birding I like to take someone with me. On three occasions reflected in this video, I took my two sons, Patrick and Barry, and the son of my wife’s caregiver, Jordan Hutchinson.

Many of the shots were taken on the Snake River just north of Buhl Idaho. Especially in the wintertime, there is a tremendous variety of waterfowl. There are swans and geese and cormorants and many species of ducks.

The eagle pics I took in Wendell Idaho southwest of the city. They come south every year to feed on the fish scraps from our commercial trout hatcheries. In the evening, with bellies full, they all try to gather in one tree by the restaurant on 1500 E. Some friends of mine just bought that restaurant remodeled it and they have some fantastic burritos. (Jordan and I had lunch there today, 5-4-16.)

I only showed one to hawk in the video, a Red-tailed that we encountered today. I honked the horn a couple to get him to fly off the pole, but he did not cooperate. Then he flew off the pole and Jordan couldn’t get the camera on him. But his red tail glistened in the sun.

Yesterday, I was driving along the Snake River and I had my Canon T5 with me with a 300 mm lens and a 2X extender. As I drove west on River Road I remembered that I had taken the memory card out of the camera. Then I saw on Osprey high in a tree.

I drove to the nursery where I was headed, purchased three flowerpots as instructed by my wife’s caregiver, and headed back to the bird. I knew that some of my cameras had internal memory. I suspected that the cabin did not. But I clicked away anyway.

Today I was determined to go find that bird. He wasn’t there, but I told Jordan that I knew where there were ospreys. We headed out to the Hagerman state fish hatchery where they cater to such critters. All the pictures that were taken there today were taken by Jordan. The lighting was not good but the last of the pics and videos show the important features.

We drove on into the refuge and there was a single pelican swimming around. I have lots of pictures of pelicans because they swarm the fish hatchery’s here and they love the Snake River. I let Jordan shoot away.

On the way home, we took some shots of a yellow headed blackbird but I forgot to put them in the video. But Jordan and I are going to take two birding trips while he is here on vacation. We are going to the Bear River bird refuge west of Brigham City Utah and up near Soda Springs, Idaho to watch the Sandhill cranes rear their young. We will see plenty of yellow heads up there.


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Canon T-5 and Vivitar Bird Shots

I made the following video to show some of the long-distance shots I have been making with my Canon T-5 with the 300mm lens and the 2x extender. It doesn’t have the reach of my Lumix camera, but the pics can be enlarged with no problem. Can you identify the birds on or near the Snake River from the images?

I haven’t really tested my Vivitar 500/1000 X system. The lens / extender system mounts on my Canon. I took it out on the street in front of my house this morning and shot down the block 1/4 mile. The Tripod I bought for this is a bit too wobbly so I will put it on another tripod and take it down to the Snake. I think it is going to work out OK.

I went to a green house along the Snake this afternoon and grabbed my T-5. As I was driving down River Road I remembered that I had left the storage car in my computer. I saw an Osprey and though my camera might have an internal memory. I took some great shots. However they were not recorded! But I’ll go back tomorrow. Ospreys are creatures of habit and I’ll probably find him on his perch.


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My Best Bird Pics I

Swan Cropped Resized 280 Banner 1200 x 280

Trumpeters on Snake River by my home. Lumix 60x
Trumpeters on Snake River by my home. Lumix 60x

I took these pics on the Snake River using my 60 X Lumix or other camera. I know that my son was using my Lumix when he took the pic of the Trumpeter Swan shaking its wings which I put in my site banner (above).

I decided to see what the Ezvid free software was like these days. I had some problems with it in the past. Actually, Movie Maker works a bit better except I have found that Movie Maker can cause problems when you are trying to edit a video.


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Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera with 83x Optical Zoom


Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera with 83x Optical Zoom and Built-In Wi-Fi (Black) with DBPREMIUM 16GB Memory Card + Fast Memory Card Reader + 3 Year Worldwide Warranty

First I had a Cannon that gave me 15X. then a Fujifilm that gave me 30x, then a Lumix that gave me 60X. I also have a Canon T5 with a 300mm lens and 2X extender. Now I’m going to have to get this baby that gives 87X. I’m just going to wait as the price on these cameras go down after they first come out. I’ll tell you more when I get mine.

  • 83x Optical Zoom, 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom super telephoto lens with Dual Detect Optical VR
  • 16 MP CMOS image sensor
  • Full manual exposure control
  • Swiveling Vari-angle display and high-resolution eye-level viewfinder
  • Built in Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC) for instant sharing

I’ll probably get his kit rather than just the camera.

Why do I want more power? I like to take pics of the Bald Eagles that hang out around here (In Wendell, ID across the Snake River from my town). They come in the winter to feed on fish scraps from our commercial hatcheries. Also, I shoot ducks at long range, often over 200 meters.

So, I will be getting this camera!

It’s getting bad! I have so many pairs of binoculars, scopes and camera that things are cluttered.


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